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Try using the drop down arrow on the right side of the calendar. Once you click on the drop down arrow you will see all the training sites and a master calendar with check marks by them. Once you're here, you can remove any check marks so you will only see the training site schedules you want to see, at this point you can look or print out the schedules monthly or for the entire training schedule year for the sites that may fit your needs for classes...

Be sure to check back for any additional classes that could be entered for the needs of our members.


All students are expected to wear clothing appropriate for the construction industry to all classes including classroom situations. This would include work clothes, work shoes, hard hat and gloves.


Who Can Attend Classes?

Any journey person who is 1) a member in good standing of the Union and 2) is registered with the Union to be referred to work or working for an Employer may register for classes at the training sites.

Any applicant for membership in the Union (Permit Holder) who 1) is registered with the Union to be referred to work or is working for an Employer and 2) has worked more than 250 hours for signatory Employers within the preceding 12 months may use the Apprenticeship Fund's training sites to engage in Operating Engineers Training.

Some scheduled classes may be cancelled due to lack of interest. Other classes may be added when greater interest warrants.

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